We strive to create a great place to work that is safe, inclusive and has the best talent who can connect with current and emerging customer needs.

The most enduring impact we can have on our team members is to create an environment that fosters engagement: allowing them to bring their whole selves to the workplace, and ensuring they strive for excellence while prioritising their wellbeing.

We are a committed team of over 10,000 team members across seven countries. Our people lay the groundwork for our success.

Our work program that underlies our people strategy has a particular focus on:

  • team member wellbeing & engagement;
  • diversity, equality & inclusion; and
  • health & safety.

Team Member Wellbeing & Engagement

Our culture framework aligns personal performance with organisational goals and values. This arms our team with purpose, enabling our people to achieve both career progression and their full potential.

Our robust platform for preventing and eliminating discrimination, bullying, harassment, vilification and victimisation ensures appropriate standards of behaviour and conduct in everything we do. We support industry and government initiatives to ensure our valued team members are treated with respect. No one should be exposed to an unsafe work environment.

We also have a suite of vehicles for our team members across all markets to provide us with feedback, including our People Support Advisory line for all questions or concerns, together with focus group discussions to better understand key issues, improve ways of working and develop initiatives to maximise team member engagement.

Employee Assistance Program

We recognise that sometimes our team members face difficult or challenging circumstances in their life.

An employee assistance program is available to all team members across all markets, providing team members with access to confidential psychological, social and financial counselling services.

Training and Development

We are committed to unlocking the potential of every team member. The Just Group provides ongoing learning and development for our team. We ensure all team members understand the competencies for their roles and support this with a comprehensive induction program, training, tools and regular development discussions.

Reward and Recognition

We believe that celebrating our achievements, big and small, is important for individuals and teams.

We recognise and reward in a number of ways throughout the year including bi-annual Brand retail conferences, annual Just Excellence Awards and bonus and incentive programs.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

All workplaces should be free from discrimination.

We are proud of the opportunities and careers our company provides to all team members, and in particular, for women in retail.

In FY23, 91% of our total team, and 55% of our executive leadership team, are women. We continue to focus on building more holistic diversity and inclusion across our teams. We are committed to learning from, and engaging with, our team on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Health & Safety

Creating a safe environment for our team, partners and customers is a key priority that is embedded in our culture. Our teams are trained to monitor, assess, prevent, record and mitigate risks using the ‘Just Play it Safe’ and ‘Safety Eyes’ framework.

Our Distribution Centres in Australia and New Zealand are a key focus given the potential risk of injury in the movement of stock. Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR – the number of Lost Time Injuries per million hours worked) and Lost Time Injuries (LTI).

Our focus revolves around the following four strategic pillars.